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What is Boron , Why Boron

   Boron was appeared in the fishing rod manufacturing world on around 1977 or so. The Boron fabric was made in the USA for the original purpose to support a wing of Phantom Air force aircraft. The major rod companies made Boron lure rods then. One company made a tremendous heavy rod which didn't have a good rod function. This company quit using Boron and went to another material rod very soon. Another company made a very good Boron rod at that time, but the rod price didn't meet to the export competition due to very high material cost of Boron. This rod is not made now but it has been still very high reputation. Many anglers want to get the rod still now. We Restaffine designed Full Length Boron rod at the same time of the above and have been continually making high grade Full length Boron rods up to today. Boron is a metal fiber. A single fiber is very fine like a hair. The Boron fabric is about 15cm width x 90m length = about US$10,000. It is very expensive material. The picture in the below is a Boron fabric. Boron fibers are laid parallel lengthways on a thin fiberglass fabric. In the below picture, I burned the right side of the Boron fabric so that many Boron fibers can be seen well. When Boron fabric appeared in the rod market, Hi-modulus carbon such as 30T, 35T, 40T were not available. 22T, 24T etc. Medium were popular.

   A company in the above story who couldn't make a good Boron rod mis-used Boron fabric and quit to make a Boron rod soon and left wrong and bad impressions [ Boron is too stiff to make a fishing rod, Boron is heavy ] in the market. However, the real Boron material features are super excellent and unique. We love them and can't find any of other materials instead of Boron. To make an excellent Boron rod, the balance to mix up with other materials like carbon, fiberglass is very important. Boron is seriously sensitive to feel a bit fish bite or to know the water bottom material such as mud, or rock etc. I would like to explain the difference of Boron rod and Carbon rod that Carbon rod is the strength which does Not bend more on its limit bending. But Boron rod can let a fish go on its bending limit and get back.. The Boron rod strength is not the meaning ' Stiff enough not to bend ' There are some rod manufacturers who use Boron, however it is not Full length Boron rod. Due to the difficulty to roll on the very small diameter mandrel tip , and the high cost, Boron is normally used only for the short portion. We Restaffine love unique Boron features and would like to proudly introduce our high grade Full length Boron rods widely in the world.

As the further explanation of Boron features, I would like to specially mention as in the follows.

* Fundamentally Boron shows very close features as Bamboo rod.

Fisherman's casting power won't be make a good result. Correct casting attitude & technique will draw the Boron power which will bring a lure with reasonable attitude ( in the air ) and also its reasonable distance even in the head wind.

Feel a bite:
The fish bite information is brought differently from carbon rod. Boron is steel which can bring a bite feeling very very sensitively. A very tiny bite information which might not be shown by carbon rod wil be felt by serious fisherman. A fisherman who uses super ultra-light rod (Full length Boron) first time with a sissy bait ( like a 3" worm, tiny grub ) can't feel the correct hook up time and highly possible to be swallowed in the fish throat. It seems to be by the reason that Boron informs different bite sign from carbon. Some fisherman feel it, however it takes a little while until he confirm it as a certain bite sign. Then a little after this fisherman can hook up more fish than ever when he has been using carbon( Non Boron ) rod. And some other fisherman won 't feel this different sign. It will be up to fisherman's sensitivity.

Please take a look our catalogue page 18, down side writing about 'lashing spin' spinning rod. This is the fact of every year on April~May at back side of our factory. [Our factory is located at waterfront of the Lake Biwa which is the biggest lake in Japan.]

As I write in the ' What is the Boron ' file, Boron rod strength is different from it of Carbon rod. I would say the strength of Carbon rod is Not bend more than its limit bending. It is the meaning that Carbon rod doesn't allow a fish to go more. But, full length Boron rod allows a fish to go some more even at the bending limit, and its bending recover soon by itself. This makes a landing time effective and shorter.

At the same moment, an interesting matter will be happened. The fisherman who uses full length Boron rod can't feel or guess his fish size until the fish comes in his sight. The fish size( weight ) can be felt by a fisherman through his rod. As the Boron rod controls fish run power by itself, the real fish power is hardly felt by a fisherman. That is why a fisherman can't feel a real fish size. This will be the reverse matter from the guess that the more sensitive rod ( Boron ) will be easier to feel a fish size. It is not.

Like these, there are a lot of interesting features with full length Boron rod, and these features will be felt more with lighter action rod.