Dear Sirs,

    From the beginning of my rodbuilding I paid attention especially to the quality, either the quality of the offered products and the quality of my work. The effect is to provide the customer with rods built on the best blanks with the use of best components.

    Travelling with rod around the world I have had an opportunity to observe what equipment the anglers use. I meet people from the whole world who uncover long-range fisheries and their fishing dreams come true because of the great passion they share. Such trips require perfect organization and perfectly chosen equipment while fishing on the fishery far from civilization there is no possibility to exchange broken rod, repair reel or e.g. buy circles when the once which we took are too weak. That is why the equipment which is taken on such trips has to be unfailing and of the highest quality. When visiting fisheries on almost all continents I have had an opportunity to exchange experience with different anglers and get acquainted with the fishing rods which are unknown in Poland or are used rarely. It turned out that these products are very often characterized by the highest quality.

     The willingness to provide customers with only the best quality products caused the change of my offer and introduction of new Japanese brand Restaffine on the Polish market. As the only representative of this company I can offer my customers exceptional products, either in terms of materials used to the blanks building and technology used in the process of production. Restaffine is one of the most respected and recognized manufacturers of fishing rods in Japan. Their products are considered to be the fishing high-end. The most well-known products are boron rods built in the Full Lenght Boron technology whose construction was patented by Restaffine. My company was given exceptional confidence and Restaffine decided to create blanks for the needs of the Polish market. After long months of work with projects and preparation to the production and tests, I'm pleased to offer these special blanks my customers. In this way Restaffine products will add to the well known and highly rated CTS from New Zealand which will allow me to provide my customers with the best globally recognized products only. These rods are used by the best anglers all around the world.

     I think that professional treatment of my business and the customer's needs require the offered assortment to be available immediately. Because of that the majority of articles are on stock. This allows quick realization of orders concerning blanks, components and ready fishing rods.

     I cordially invite you to read the details of my offer.

Krzysztof Zieliński

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