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Restaffine original wood reel seat components

It is constructed with:
[Front cork grip + No.12+ No.3] + No.11 + W.S. (wood spacer) + No.8 + rear cork
No. 5 ring covers on No3. and No.9
No.3 is fixed in No12 and rotate.
No.5 ring should have thread wrapping and epoxy coating depends on each designs.
This Thread color will be matched with rod blanks color.

W.S. size: Out side Dia. 25mm
W.S. inside Dia. 9.3 mm/ 10.2 mm/ 11.0 m/ 13.0 mm/ 14.0 mm/14.2 mm/

Two of No.5 rings will be necessary
W.S. price is depends on its top glare finish with multi-coating.
Price (Euro): 80,00

HOWC RING - different sizes, price (Euro): 4,70

HIWC BUSH - different sizes, price (Euro): 4,70